Unstoppable Domains is a company on a mission to create user-owned digital identity for every person on the planet. Their latest move towards this goal involves a collaboration with MagicEden, the newest Polygon-supporting NFT marketplace, for a first-ever drop of Mystery Boxes.

The Mystery Boxes will be available for minting starting at 11am ET on Thursday. The public list will begin at 12pm on the same day, with the reveal scheduled for 12pm on Monday (and may take up to 48 hours).

If you’re an Unstoppable Domains whale or hold a 2 or 3 digit Unstoppable domain (subdomains do not qualify), you’re already on the allowlist. However, there will be more opportunities to get on the allowlist throughout the week in a dedicated discord channel and on Twitter.


  • All holders will receive an Unstoppable Domain worth a minimum of $100 and up to $10,000 via airdrop (snapshot will be taken at midnight on Sunday 4/16).
  • This domain can be used for various purposes, such as ditching long complicated wallet addresses, building web3 websites, and setting up a ud.me profile as a digital identity hub.

Unstoppable Domains is proud to have support in over 750+ dapps, wallet, and exchanges. Furthermore, 100% of the mint funds are going to be used for operating expenses.

This collaboration between Unstoppable Domains and MagicEden is just the beginning. With their shared mission of empowering individuals with user-owned digital identity, we can expect to see even more exciting partnerships and projects in the future. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved in the web3 revolution.

You can also join Unstoppable Domains Discord and Twitter Page

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