Hey art enthusiasts! There’s thrilling news in the world of art: Aptos, a blockchain platform supported by Andreessen Horowitz, just unveiled a $20 million grant program to aid artists and creatives from various disciplines in harnessing blockchain technology to realize their artistic visions.

In an effort to distinguish itself from competitors like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Cosmos, Aptos has adopted a developer-friendly programming language crafted by Meta’s Novi team. However, to continue attracting users and projects, Aptos recognizes the need for constant innovation and growth.

Enter the $20 million grant program. The Aptos Foundation is welcoming artists and creatives to seek funding and the necessary infrastructure to develop their creations on the Aptos blockchain. This presents an ideal opportunity for artists aiming to directly monetize their work while accessing a growing audience of art enthusiasts keen on investing in art with a robust digital presence.

Aptos’ dedication to the art world isn’t new; the company has already provided $3 million to artists and creators eager to build web3 projects using its chain. Moreover, Aptos Labs recently invested in Chingari, a popular Indian social media app that will utilize Aptos’ blockchain technology.

For artists and creatives curious about the potential of blockchain technology, this grant program could be a game-changer. To apply, visit the Aptos Foundation website and submit your project proposal. With a whopping $20 million available, you won’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity!

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